Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ugh, Germany

This is how the last couple of months have felt, ugh. I blame Germany. I couldn't even update this blog because all of my controls on the blogger website were in German - yes, it took me this long to figure out how to get it to switch back to English!!!

Same thing happened when we bought a GPS, which you cannot live without here btw, Ben somehow chose something like olde world Russian on the GPS and then of course, he had to translate said language in order to switch back to English! We are so spoiled in the US!!!

So we moved into our place right before Christmas, Germany was getting better... But we did have to spend Christmas and New Years with people we barely new...great people though - so that was good, still not the same but I'd like to think we made the best of it. Pics of the house are posted...it is a cool place, not what I expected but cool.

The fireworks in Germany are great, 1 for Germany.
The utility companies in Germany are a pain, Germany back to 0.
It snows almost every day here, Germany is down... you see were this is going.
I've found one awesome German store I love, not clothes, but something - Germany plus 1.

Seriously though - we are meant to be here I am sure.

We've met a really great couple and are having a blast getting to know them - so that is a highlight for sure.
P90X is on again..
Ben has a couple of job prospects we are getting busy working on, so prayers for that are welcomed!

I can't thing of anything else clever or appropriate to write about so out for now... K

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