Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving Day

Moving day has come so quickly... all of our stuff is packed, our belongings reduced to seven crates of brown rap and boxes, in mere moments the truck will pull away and another leg of this journey in the books.

For the record, the movers, and I quote, just said "We are the calmest shippers they've ever had." Nice, not high-strung at all. We rock.

Also, I'd like to thank Colorado for 70 degree weather in a October, I doubt we'll see much more of this.

Looking forward to spending the next few days with our very best friends and family, Happy Halloween.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mad Preparations

It is mad times I tell you mad freak'n times!!! I thought I'd post about our planning every so often as the months ticked by, I'd casually update all of my best friends on our progress in this wild ride to Germany... What was I thinking!?

Well, I was right about the wild part... Between passports, driver's licenses, rental insurance, car insurance, permission to ship the car, fixing random stuff at the house, getting Champ vaccinated to travel to mars, oh wait, just to travel across the pond, dental appointments, throwing a tea party, arranging three separate shipments, figuring out what to do with old stuff, etc, oh and finishing my MBA this semester... I have had exactly zero time to update this blog.

The update is this - we will be in Germany in a little over 3 weeks, we take the car to be shipped this weekend, then Ben goes hunting (while I go mad here alone!) and we'll be out of our house by the end of October...yikes.

No single bon voyage party is planned - so let me know if you want to see us and don't already have plans to! Our time is fleeting! And I don't want to miss any of you! 

On a sad note, our family had to say goodbye to Athena last week, she dealt with a neurological disease/degeneration for four months and then could no longer stand up. It was her time and somehow God has timed this move up miraculously. We love you Athena, and will miss you forever.

Thanks for checking in! Kim