Friday, November 12, 2010

Settling in can be unsettling

We've arrived, barely - long story short we were denied boarding the military plane from Baltimore to Ramstein. I had no clue Ben needed a military ID in order to fly this way. A birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security card, regular stateside drivers license, a leisure passport and an official DoD passport are clearly not enough documentation to prove his identity! Needless to say we got to spend a sucky night in Baltimore... Next day we were off to Fort Meade to get Ben and ID - another no go. I think Baltimore might be the land of 'no's' - so much for getting to "yes!" After hours of holding up an innocent cabby on the post I eventually got the lovely (not sarcastic at all - they were actually the best) Air Force Academy Ticket office to issue our family commercial tickets to Frankfurt. So we rode in style, on a 777 with individual TVs! Maybe the Gods (I use that figuratively because I believe in one God) knew I couldn't handle an 8 hour plane ride without the usual comforts.

I guess that turned into a long story.

Our temporary apartment in Mackenbach, Germany is alright.  Very basic, just the right amount of motivation to find our own place! What I don't get are the white walls, white floors, white couches, white everything! Oh, and european beds/pillows/sheets are bizarre and not a bit enjoyable. I cannot wait for my oversized king pillowtop mattress with 600 threadcount sheets to arrive. Maybe then I will sleep again, you see it is midnight here nearly - I am officially turning into a night owl.

Ben and Ave ventured out into the village today and had an authentic german lunch and used some euros, so cool. I visited my office, and must say the people are great, it is a small office so good thing.

Champ is such a champ, Avery is incredibly resilient and Ben is taking it all in stride. Other than being cooped up without a car we are great. Once we have transportation I bet our adventure will really begin.

Tomorrow we are off to see Peter Pan, the play with my good friend Tara, should be so fun. I really am glad to have friends here already. Here's to an incredible 3 years, prost!

Pics from the trip here and around our village Mackenbach...


  1. I love you Kimi!! You'll re-read this post in a little while and laugh, I guarantee it! Crappy travel woes have not dulled your wit!! Hang in there!! xoxo kath

  2. I am so glad you have this blog! Thanks so much the update. I miss you tons. When would be a good time to skype? Love you!!